Project partners

National Firefighters Managers Union (Project coordinator)

National Firefighters Managers Union was established in 2018 with the following goals: to strengthen members’ management and leadership capabilities; to improve the professional competence of members; to strengthen the coordination of the members’ activities on the national level and with their foreign counterparts; to improve the legal framework for fire safety and civil protection; to increase the influence of the fire-fighting forces in the fields of National and Public Security.

Leitrim County Council

Leitrim County Council is one of 31 fire authorities in the Republic of Ireland with a population of 32,044 and an area of 1876 km2 (613 square miles). Leitrim County Fire Service has 5 fire stations and employs 48 retained (part time) Fire Fighters. County Leitrim is predominantly a rural county located in the north west of Ireland and it adjoins the border with Northern Ireland. It provides fire safety education awareness training to children aged 8-9 at present through the Primary schools programme.


Frederiksborg Fire & Rescue have the ambitious goal to be one of the leading fire and rescue teams in Denmark. Our long-term strategic vision and goal is to improve social, economic, and environmental well-being for our area. Our primary task under the Emergency Planning Act is to provide rapid emergency response to emergencies. However, we would rather make it unnecessary for you to call us up. Our preventive work consists in, among other things, conducting fire supervision, fire engineering building processing and teaching in elementary firefighting and first aid.

Latvijas Ugunsdrošības asociācija

According to its operation and organizational structure, “Latvia Fire Protection Association” is a voluntary, professional association. The main goal of this is to promote cooperation and professional development of its members, to defend the economic, economic and legal interests of its members, as well as active activity in Latvia in the market of firefighting and fire protection services and representation of its members in municipal and state institutions. “Latvia Fire Protection Association” is the only public organization of this profile in Latvia.

Latvijas Ugunsdrošības asociācija


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