Main objective

Develop innovative interactive fire safety and first aid education system for schools.
Main tasks of the project:

  • Increase fire safety and first aid awareness in schools;
  • Support innovative teaching and learning;
  • Ensure inclusive, open, and online education;
  • Reinforce cooperation with partners from other countries;
  • Improve competences linked to professional profiles (teaching, training);
  • Better understand interconnections between formal and non-formal education;
  • Increase motivation and satisfaction in teaching and learning.

The project consortium consists of a wide range of partners from different cultures and experiences, from a range of service backgrounds and scale that will represent the various stakeholders involved and that will bring expertise in different fields directly connected with the objectives of the project. The partners are located in a number of different countries with a good geographical spread all over Europe, a well-balanced group of fire and rescue services, local, regional and national government organisations, third level research institutions, learning developers and national and EU teacher organisations.
A number of Associated Partners (21 school from Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Ireland and Denmark) primarily made up of second level schools and other interested stakeholders in each partner country will participate in the FAFSIT4SCHOOLS project. Collectively this partnership will research, design, develop and deliver a sustainable innovative fire safety and first aid training system for second level schoolteachers and students.

Planned project results

  • Fire safety and first aid training course (methodology);
  • Online e-learning tool.

Project will help to strengthen transnational network for knowledge and experience sharing, to develop sustainable cooperation structures between fire safety and first aid organizations, educators, and public sector. The expected impact is a change of target groups behaviour in extreme situations related with fire and health threat. It is expected that after the project participants will become more informed and responsible dealing with fire and helping persons suffering a serious illness or injury. It will improve the health and well-being of students and reduce the possibility of them being injured by fire and also prepare to get ready to help anyone in danger. In the long term this will have a beneficial effect on schools and society in general as it will help to reduce the incidence of fires, number of sudden deaths and to reduce the impact and damage caused by fires that may actually occur. This will be visible in future fire statistics in terms of reduced fire incidents, reduced injuries, deaths, and fatalities around Europe.